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  • Our professionals have a long history of advising clients (both individuals and companies) in all types of verification or inspection procedures. If necessary, our legal team of TGS Edisa defends the claims of our clients in the contentious-administrative way before judicial bodies throughout the national territory. Services: Inspections IRPF / IS / VAT ITP Securities Checks ICIO Checks Recovery of undue taxes (IIVTNU, ISD ...)
  • TGS Edisa provides advisory and planning services on Income Tax and Property Tax. Heritage for all types of profiles. Our firm provides support to individuals in the definition of their labor remuneration and / or income by economic activities, trying to optimize the tax burden imposed by the Personal Income Tax (IRPF).
  • TGS Edisa has more than 25 years of experience in inheritance and gift tax advisory services for residents and non residents. A tax analysis is highly recommended in this peculiar field because of the complexity of the Spanish tax system regarding inheritance and gift tax.
  • In TGS Edisa we provide continuous counselling regarding Corporate Tax. The companies we work for are assured, thanks to our tax advisers, their tax burden is optimised.
  • TGS Edisa Tax Advisors with extensive experience in Value Added Tax. In our more than 25 years of history we have collaborated with companies and individuals to ensure proper compliance with tax obligations in this field.
  • TGS Edisa collaborates with companies in the realization of master files that Include the comparability analysis of related operations, preparing the mandatory documentation both in the country of origin and destination of operations.
  • TGS Edisa has a multidisciplinary team of Expert Advisors who have extensive experience in participating in corporate operations of mergers and acquisitions of businesses or restructuring.
  • TGS Edisa has experts in the field of international taxation of companies and individuals that will be able to solve any question of fiscal importance with an international component.
  • TGS Edisa has a highly qualified professional team in terms of International Labor Mobility aimed at both national companies in global expansion strategies and foreign companies implanted in Spain.
  • Advice for procedures, resources or litigation with the Tax Administrations. We provide counselling for all type of proceedings, claims and litigations against the Spanish Tax Administration before all administrative and judiciary courts, from local administrations to the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court. We attend our clients through all type of administrative proceedings contentious and no contentious.
  • Within the internal scope of the global organization of the company, the Labor Department of TGS Edisa has become one of the main pillars of its management and administration. In TGS Edisa, aware of the support that companies need in this area, we have a Department of Labor Management and Advice that allows them, quickly and flexibly, to give solutions to the administration of their personnel.
  • In TGS Edisa we have helped numerous clients to define the most conflictive points of hiring managers and senior management by writing specific clauses adapted to the specific requirements of each employment relationship: retribution for objectives, permanency pact, no competition, productivity pact, confidentiality agreement … etc.
  • Changes in the environment determine new configurations of resources and capabilities necessary to achieve competitive advantages and this implies that the company must be continually considering where, in which businesses, the remaining resources that it generates can be more useful and where and how to obtain the new resources what you need to compete and what you lack.
  • Collective bargaining is the legal instrument par excellence in the regulation of labor relations in companies and two of the fundamental pillars to reach a good agreement are labor legal knowledge and permanent communication.
  • In TGS Edisa we are aware of the importance of planning pensions for the economic future of our private clients as well as the human resources for companies, that is why we have professional experts in labor matters who advise them in the planning of Public Social Security Benefits.
  • Our firm strives to preventively advise its clients in order to reduce labor disputes in a more beneficial way for them. However, for those cases in which the conflict derives in a judicial process, we have a specialized legal department and collaborating lawyers “of counsel” that allow us to guarantee an expert defense of the interests of the companies.
  • In TGS Edisa we provide HR management services for companies that decide to outsource their Labor Departments where, in addition, we advise them on the different areas of the matter: applicable collective agreement, we prepare labor contracts, monthly salary sheets and social insurance.


Our Labor Advice Professionals

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