Mergers and acquisitions are moments of great corporate significance in a company’s lifecycle, and often represent a turning point for companies. It is therefore a moment that can mark the future of the company. It is therefore important to have an expert M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) team to ensure that strategic objectives are achieved.

The purchase and sale of a company is a complex and critical transition period which, before it begins, must be analysed in order to facilitate the success of the merger or acquisition. In this regard, our firm has a multidisciplinary team of expert advisors who have extensive experience in participating in corporate mergers and acquisitions or restructurings.

TGS Edisa advises its clients by analysing the legal framework and taxation of corporate transactions of all kinds, including acquisitions, alliances, restructuring and business reorganisations (mergers, spin-offs, exchanges of securities, contributions of branches of activity, etc.). We make sure that these operations are guaranteed to be successful in their formal path, and we seek the lowest possible tax burden and the greatest possible tax security, especially with regard to corporate tax and indirect taxation.

Aspects to assess before carrying out a corporate transaction

The acquisition or takeover of other companies is an extraordinary business transaction. It is one of the most important decisions an entrepreneur can make. For this, it is important to take certain aspects into account and to know how to interpret all the signals:

Every year, TGS Edisa participates in various business acquisition procedures, including company valuation, acquisition planning, coordination and due diligence.

In addition, our team of lawyers is highly skilled in drafting contracts and deeds and in their execution. In this way our different experts can help you to:

Define the operation: Depending on the desired objectives, and the legal and fiscal framework, we can help you identify the best way to achieve integration considering all angles.

Proper Valuation: Our Business Valuation team will help you validate the

Know the potential partners and key people: the decision on who to work with has to be made taking into account aspects such as background, references, opinion of employees, suppliers, etc.

Review the risks: Our multidisciplinary teams can help you carry out an exhaustive review of the target company to identify all the existing risks. TGS Edisa can offer you support in performing Legal Due Diligence, Tax Due Diligence, Accounting Due Diligence, Labour Due Diligence or Digital Due Diligence.

Drafting: Our legal team has extensive experience in drafting documents related to company acquisitions (letters of intent, private contracts, deeds, shareholders’ agreements, etc.) which will ensure that the content of the agreement corresponds to the parties’ wishes.

Why engage the services of an M&A advisory team?

It is highly advisable to be well assisted to carry out any M&A operation, and there is no one better than a specialized multidisciplinary team to execute with security and guarantees the whole process involved in the acquisition of a company. Thus, having the advice of TGS Edisa implies a series of advantages:

  • Help to define objectively and with clear arguments the rationale for selling, buying or merging a company.
  • Advice on the type of structure for the operation, as well as the best time to carry it out.
  • Knowledge of the uses and knowledge of the merger and acquisition process, market conditions, etc.
  • It facilitates coordination with other professionals involved in this type of business operations.

The success of the merger or acquisition of a company depends on many aspects, but it is crucial in any case that the operation has been carried out in a professional manner, taking into consideration all tax and legal obligations. Contact us to carry out your merger and/or acquisition operation with the best guarantees and the greatest possible tax savings.

TGS Edisa is a multidisciplinary team highly qualified to advise you in all areas of your business. Do not hesitate to contact us to understand how we could help you