Experts in International Tax Consultancy

TGS Edisa has experts in international tax consultancy for large companies, SMEs and freelancers who can provide a comprehensive and multidisciplinary service in any of the steps of international business expansion to achieve efficiency and fairness in international tax coordination.

Our professionals in international tax consultancy will help to clarify the tax treatment of intra-Community and international transactions, both in terms of direct taxation (income and companies) and indirect taxation (VAT), in order to contribute to correct decision-making.

Our Team

TGS Edisa’s team of international tax advisors will assist with the tax planning of your company’s internationalisation, promoting a better understanding and application of the basic principles of international double taxation, EU and international law, VAT directives and the mechanisms that contribute to a correct and efficient application of national and international regulations. We can also help you to plan the restructuring of international groups of companies with the support of the professionals who make up the international network of TGS Global law firms.

International Tax Consultancy Services

From the first steps of international expansion (export/import and intra-community acquisitions and deliveries of goods and services), to the creation of permanent establishments, subsidiaries or branches abroad, TGS Edisa’s international tax advice will help you achieve the best structure and planning for your business.

As a counterpoint to the international expansion of Spanish companies and taxpayers, TGS Edisa’s experts will be able to provide the necessary support for foreign investment in Spain.

The international tax consultancy department works on the accurate determination of the tax residence of individuals and entities, the taxation of non-residents in Spain, the establishment of permanent establishments in Spanish territory, the application of international double taxation treaties for the correct application of the criteria of taxing authority and the quantitative limitation of taxes abroad (exemption and double taxation criteria).

Specialists in International Taxation

Our extensive team of professionals provides specialised assistance in compliance and compliance with formal obligations related to international taxation.

Among others, we can assist you with obtaining NIF and NIE for foreign entities and individuals, opening current accounts, setting up subsidiaries and branches, integration in the Register of Intra-Community Operators (VIES), obtaining VAT NIF in Spain and abroad, assistance with the distance sales regime, obtaining residence certificates, and applying for Community VAT (form 360).

In tax consultancy for individuals, TGS Edisa helps to comply with tax obligations in foreign countries, or to process tax obligations in Spain for non-resident taxpayers, both in terms of income and wealth tax and inheritance and gift tax.

In addition, we have a specific international tax consultancy service for international mobility to provide tax advice on the movement of company employees within or outside the country.

Our international tax advisors are experts in the field and will be able to assist you with personalised attention in all international labour mobility procedures.

International Tax Consultancy - TGS Global Network

Thanks to its membership of the international network of advisors and auditors TGS Global Network, we have a wide network of professional contacts abroad that allow us to have full service guarantees in our advisory work in international taxation.

List of services in International Tax Consultancy provided by TGS Edisa

  • Tax advice to foreign companies wishing to invest and operate in Spain
  • International tax planning of your company’s activity
  • Advising on changes and restructuring of international groups
  • Tax advice on the avoidance of international double taxation
  • Advice on changes of tax residence for individuals and companies
  • Advice on international tax filing with the Spanish Tax Authorities (AEAT)
  • International tax filing with the Spanish Tax Authorities (AEAT)
  • Form 720. Declaration of assets and rights located abroad.
  • Form 210. Non-Resident Income Tax
  • Inheritance and Gift Tax for non-residents

TGS Edisa is a multidisciplinary team highly qualified to advise you in all areas of your business. Do not hesitate to contact us to understand how we could help you.