Areas of Expertise



Succession of Family Business

We have extensive experience in advising medium and large companies in the generational transition. We carry out together a detailed analysis of the family situation and of the company, and we facilitate the solutions that adjust to the will of the owners.

Financial Consulting

We provide Financial Consulting Services, analyzing together with the company the financial situation of the business and finding the best available alternatives to minimize costs and risks.

Strategic Consulting

We help companies to develop by defining the best growth or consolidation strategy. Our experience of 30 years advising companies from different sectors allows us to have a very broad perspective that we adjust to each client.

Tax Advice

The team of tax advisors of TGS EDISA offers its clients extensive experience in all aspects related to the world of taxation of the company and in the tax planning of assets..

The experience of our Tax Advisors both nationally and internationally, allows us to meet the needs of our customers and provide them with effective, fast tax advice and a dynamic and proactive approach to solve their problems, whether they are individual entrepreneurs, commercial companies , groups of companies, non-profit organizations, entities under the regime of income attribution (civil societies, property communities, Temporary Business Unions, Economic Interest Groups etc.) or any other.

We have extensive experience in advising on all types of tax matters, from the general taxation of companies, with the management and processing of tax obligations derived from the different taxes -State and local levels-, up to international taxation, even passing by the contentious taxation and as well as by all the questions referring to the management of patrimonies and indirect taxes.

Legal Advice

TGS Edisa has a team of lawyers and legal advisors specialized in commercial, civil and real estate law who are in charge of carrying out all kinds of corporate operations (incorporation of companies, capital increases, mergers, asset purchases...) or contracts (distribution, agency, renting...)

Our scope of advice also extends to entities with unique characteristics such as cooperative societies, foundations, associations, temporary joint ventures, civil partnerships or permanent establishments, among others.

Specifically TGS Edisa provides legal advice services to the Board of Directors on the legality of the resolutions and decisions adopted by the aforementioned administrative body or by the General Meeting, addressing ordinary corporate business issues, such as capital increases, changes in domicile, ordinary powers, etc... assuming in some situations the role of Secretary of the Board.

We also have experts in International Contracting to provide solutions to companies that have specific needs abroad.

Labor Advice

Within the internal scope of the global organization of the company, the Labor Department of TGS Edisa has become one of the main pillars of its management and administration. In TGS Edisa, aware of the support that companies need in this area, we have a Department of Labor Management and Advice that allows them, quickly and flexibly, to give solutions to the administration of their personnel.

Our firm, through its professionals in the labor department, is concerned with providing a response tailored to the needs of each organization offering, with the utmost professionalism, legal advice services in each of the areas that comprise it: hiring, benefits of Social Security, staff restructuring, collective bargaining, internal flexibility measures, international travel or remuneration policies are some of the subjects in which we work.

In addition, in TGS Edisa we manage daily labor relations of our clients through a quick and easy preparation of the different administrative documentation that they entail: contracts and their communication to the Public Employment Service, communications to the General Treasury of Social Security, clothing and sending payroll, social insurance, day modifications, communication of work accidents, management of Temporary Employment Regulation Files, are some of the steps we take in our day to day.

An outsourcing of Labor Services is more than a reduction of costs, with our service of Advice and Labor Management you can have a more competitive, flexible and updated management of your HR.


In TGS Edisa we have recently launched the Incentives and Grants Advisory Area to provide our clients with the support they need in the search and processing of their applications for Regional Incentives (IER), European FEDER Funds, R & D & I (CDTI) , help lines of the local, state, autonomous, European and Spanish public bodies, as well as the existing subsidies in each country.