TGS Edisa has a highly qualified professional team in terms of International Labor Mobility aimed at both national companies in global expansion strategies and foreign companies implanted in Spain. 
Our professionals will analyze the needs derived from the expatriation process of each client and offer an internationalization planning and satisfactory return of their personnel, all based on four principles:

Assistance in immigration process

  • Obtaining visas
  • Work permits
  • Other procedures related to immigration.

Retention of talent

  • Expatriation policies: framework agreements defining the type of travel and international assignments, the profile and skills of expatriates, the general conditions (duration, remuneration …), professional behavior and expatriate obligations, as well as the completion of the international assignment .
  • Remuneration Policies: We advise on possible compensation packages and benefits depending on the conditions of each expatriation (expatriate, short term, commuter, local plus, etc.) such as: fixed salary, expatriation incentives, cost of living differential, housing, health insurance … etc.
  • Equalization policies: fiscal neutrality agreements between the company and the employee in the expatriation process aimed at ensuring that the net received does not suffer significant alterations with changes in tax jurisdiction.

Compliance with the tax obligations of Company and employee.

  • We study the complex tax scenarios of expatriation by reason of fiscal residence through the application of the Agreement to avoid Double Taxation.
  • Optimization of travel costs for the company, through the analysis and application of tax benefits available in each case.
  • Analysis of the risk of permanent establishment in the expatriation process and its consequences for society.
  • Management of specific procedures with the Tax Agency to minimize formal breaches that may hinder the normal development of the journey.

Coverage in Social Security

  • We analyze the bilateral Social Security agreements between countries and manage the formal obligations required in each case of the company and expatriate

From TGS Edisa, we also offer a global service through our participation in International Network TGS Global that gives us presence in numerous countries providing maximum guarantee in compliance with local legal obligations to all those Companies that trust our services.

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