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    TGS - International Consulting in Spain for companies

    The international consultancy in Spain offered by TGS for companies in Spain is provided through a network of independent professionals who are experts in tax consultancy, legal consultancy and labour consultancy. The areas that TGS works with all its international consultancy clients in Spain are as follows:

    • Tax planning for companies in Spain
    • • Equity analysis of the company in Spain
    • Tax procedures for companies in Spain
    • Inheritance and gift advice in Spain
    • International advice on Mergers and Acquisitions of companies
    • International labour mobility
    • International legal outsourcing services in Spain
    • Digital Consulting

    From TGS Edisa we can guarantee an effective and professional service through the TGS Global Network, present in 49 countries around the world. Therefore, the International Consultancy services in Spain that are provided in tax consultancy, legal consultancy and labour consultancy have the best experts in each area and we have the confidence of our clients who, for 30 years, have trusted TGS Edisa for all the queries that may arise in the field of International Consultancy for the company.

    The areas in which TGS has been working for 30 years in Spain and abroad are international consultancy, legal advice, tax accounting, labour, subsidies and compliance.

    Our vocation is to add value to the businesses in which we are involved, for which we seek at all times to combine technique and quality with experience and practicality. And this is a differential value for the companies that work with us and to which we provide international consultancy services in Spain. The multidisciplinary team of independent advisors at TGS guarantees a comprehensive analysis of all the aspects involved in the issues that may arise for our clients, both personally and within their companies, both nationally and internationally, being able to advise them on all the questions that may arise and always providing personalized attention and a service of the highest quality in International Consultancy in Spain.

    Through our international network we can provide you with a comprehensive service ranging from the incorporation of companies abroad to their accounting, labour and tax management. We also have a department specialising in expatriation management.