TGS Edisa’s international contract consultancy services include drafting, advising, reviewing, interpreting and assisting in the negotiation of commercial contracts, both local and international.

We want to offer our clients the greatest possible legal security when establishing their relations with their distributors, franchisees, commercial agents, etc. This is an essential element in the success of foreign investments in the business development process.

Commercial contract services

At the beginning of the business relationship, we offer services for the drafting of the contract, which is the basis of the business relationship between the parties, or, if necessary, we provide services for the review of the contract drawn up by the other party. We focus our attention on defending the client’s interests while ensuring compliance with applicable laws and conventions. This first phase of our work is aimed at informing the client about the characteristics of the contract under negotiation so that he/she can assess his/her needs from a commercial point of view and translate them into the drafting of the document. Our professionals will help you to prevent any possible discrepancies that may arise during the execution of the contract in order to achieve a satisfactory and stable commercial relationship.

We offer services of revision and interpretation of consolidated contractual relations in order to study the possibilities of making changes in the contract signed by the parties and to inform the client about the possible consequences involved. We advise our clients at all times on the interpretation and negotiation of changes in the contractual relationship with the other party and prepare the documents for such changes.

The proposed services allow to define, according to the situation of each client, the need to previously sign a pre-contract such as a term sheet or memorandum of understanding or directly the commercial contract, advising the client on the most suitable type of contract for the foreseen commercial relationship.

International contracts have particularities and it is necessary to study in each contract the corresponding clauses to reflect the needs of the parties and to agree on these aspects in order to avoid possible future conflict situations: applicable law, choice of jurisdiction, currency, language, etc.

Our assistance relies on the international network of professionals TGS Global of which we are part and the only member in Spain to efficiently and safely obtain the necessary knowledge and advice on the countries of destination of the contracts.

Our contract professionals also accompany the client in the termination of the contractual relationship through possible negotiations with the other party in order to defend the client’s interests in the event of a breach or unilateral termination of the contract. Our assistance focuses on the determination and negotiation of the corresponding compensation as well as on the drafting of notices and documents. In the event of an agreement between the parties to terminate the business relationship, our professionals will draft the written agreement between the parties and prepare the notifications to be sent to the other party, always bearing in mind the client’s needs to minimize the consequences of the end of the business relationship and its future commercial operations with the country of destination.

All our commercial contracting advisory services are provided in English, French and/or Spanish, depending on the client’s needs. We also offer bilingual document preparation and drafting services, as well as assistance in the negotiation of documents in the aforementioned languages.

Commercial procurement services

Our commercial contracting services focus on:

  • International Distribution Contracts
  • International Commercial Agency Contracts
  • International Joint Venture Contracts
  • International Franchise Agreements
  • International Supply Contracts
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Review of international contracts in a legal due diligence process
  • Sui generis commercial contracts

TGS Edisa is a multidisciplinary team highly qualified to advise you in all areas of your business. Do not hesitate to contact us to understand how we could help you.