TGS Edisa has tax advisors with extensive experience in Value Added Tax (VAT). In our more than 30 years of history we have collaborated with companies and individuals to ensure correct compliance with tax obligations in this field.

Our Experts can provide tax advice on issues such as Value Added Tax on international trade in matters such a as intra-Community transactions, exports and imports of goods or services. Likewise, in domestic transactions TGS Edisa TGS Edisa collaborates with entities to which special VAT regimes are applicable, such as those for services provided electronically, agriculture, livestock and fishing or travel agencies. We also have experience in advising entities to which the pro-rata regime is applicable or which are taxed under the VAT group of entities regime.

TGS Edisa is a multidisciplinary team highly qualified to advise you in all areas of your business. Do not hesitate to contact us to understand how we could help you.